dear you, yes you =)

(umm, this posting is about ex-boyfriend. It’s kinda crucial and sensitive, but I don’t know, I just want to write it =D )

Dear you.

You know, I want to be honest to you. Really, this is the truth. I want to say thank you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Thank you for leaving me several times ago. Thank you for opened my eyes. Thank you to guide me to believe that god create problem for something’s good. Thank you to makes me sure that there’s a light behind the dark.

Thank you to gain my brave. Remember when I am so scared at the time you shout on me in front of people, and the distance was quite near with my parent. You know that is one of the silliest things that you've done, and at that time I forgive you, but you never change. And now I am learning how to say NO. How to arguing. How to be an owner of every single inch of my self, and no one can take my self-regard from me.

Thank you to bring me into the reality. I am too tired with thousand reasons that you gave to me for every single thing without an actual act. Now I know what I have to do. Loving someone with all of my heart but still with an opened eyes =)

Thank you to get a chance to meet a super complicated people like you and trying hard to stay longer.

And the last…
Thank you for leaving me.  For makes me realize that maybe you're not the right person that god gave to me. For makes me getting closer with the right one (although i still don't know who). For makes me evaluate my self and learn from the past. Please do not trying to going back or give your apologize anymore. please do not create stories anymore. I am already forgiving you with all of my heart. But after all of these scenes, I know that I have learned many things from you. 

I hope Allah always protect you and your lovable mom. Meet you with someone right and the best for you and your mom. May god always guide you and always be with you =)




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akhirnya gw ingat juga account nya, hahaha, bisa numpang corat-coret dah :) heheh

mmmm, kata-kata nya bagus floo, LANJUTKAN !!

Asalkan orang tersebut menyadari dengan kesalahannya, maka orang tersebut akan menjadi kuat, dalam artian merenung bukan untuk menyesal yah :)
i n - c h a n mengatakan…
I love this post.

Surely one of the best ones!

Being in love does not mean you can allow he to do anything to you. Love is consideration, patience and sanity all in one!!

Go flora. :D